Thursday, 31 July 2014

Little Heston Blumenthal's in the Making?

My two daughters and I have got into quite a lovely habit lately of snuggling up at the end of the evening (if there is time after dinner, bath, homework, reading) and watching a pre-recorded episode of Masterchef.  Obviously the Masterchef winner has just been announced, but I’ve managed not to spill the beans to my girls, who both have their predictions on who is the most deserved of the title.
Yes, it’s just a tv show.  But it’s also been nice bonding time with my daughters, sharing our opinions on what way the contestants have chosen to cook that day, or ingredients they are using (eeew, they use squid ink, really Mum??)  or which herbs they are racing out to the Masterchef garden to grab (just like my 7 year old does for me a lot during dinner prep).   What I have loved with this little temporary tradition we’ve got going (is that an oxymoron?) is that it has sparked some extra culinary imagination for my children. When the contestant’s challenge is announced by Gary, George and Matt, we hit the pause button and each of us has a turn at saying what they would choose to cook for that particular Masterchef challenge.  Last night my 7 year old was creating (in her head) a Heston Blumenthal inspired fruit platter, involving green yoghurt and some grapefruit sauce.  Ok, so maybe it wouldn’t have won dish of the day, but I love that she believes there are no limits to what is possible.
My 9 year old is a basic as basic gets when it comes to eating. Yep, your cut and dried ‘fussy eater’ no matter what attempts we make to expand her dietary repertoire.  The most adventurous she has been as of late, is to wrap meatballs and some plain rice in a lettuce leaf and call it San Choy Bau.  Being different from each other is what makes life interesting though, including with our tastes in food.  I just love the idea that we continue to explore and experiment in our cooking and tasting and broaden our culinary horizons.  I guess this continuous pushing of the envelope is what leads to society’s evolving food styles, but perhaps that is a conversation for another day…..


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  1. Food is love! What a wonderful and sweet way to educate your kids on food, Eve!