Monday, 21 July 2014

Food and Health - First Guest Blogger

I would proudly like to introduce my first guest Dad!  My Dad is a New Zealand based health professional and a lover of crunchy (not soft and chewy) cookies. We'd love to hear any thoughts. Enjoy!

Most people only look at their health in very broad terms.  We feel well or unwell, we are tired or energetic, our muscles look good or flabby, digestive system works, or doesn’t.  If we consider our bodies from the single cell, many of us would change our habits, possibly profoundly.

If a single cell in the liver was known to be cancerous, but could be killed off by a lifestyle change, would we not make that lifestyle change immediately? If a single lung cell was actually seen failing due to smoking and other bronchial cells would follow rapidly, only the obtuse would not cease smoking in the first instance.  

The problem for all of us is, we wait until several cells are ‘unwell ‘before we take notice of our bodies.  In other words we only look at the gross. A dictionary definition of a gross is twelve dozen. A grocer was originally someone who sold in larger quantities.

When we ingest and digest food do we really consider the quantities of the formulae that make up that product. As humans evolve, so will the finesse of what we eat, drink and do, transform and become more precise. 


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  2. Hi Eve's Dad!
    Very well said. Reminds me of a quote I read recently "every time you eat or drink anything, you are either fighting disease or feeding it"

    Health is an ongoing maintenance schedule, not just a wait til it breaks THEN fix kind of deal!