Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Reluctant Star??

My very supportive hubby is fairly used to being sidelined when it comes to any Eve’s Better Bake media. Since the business began, he has jokingly complained about never being invited to be one of the faces of our company. “Why can’t I be on the website?” he says in jest “ I can be the eye candy” he jokes.  Well, we’ve finally called his bluff. Several weeks ago, we filmed a branding video with the talented and inspiring Jennifer Parlanti from Paper Box Media.  My hubby was asked to be in one of the starring roles, as the all important senior pastry chef and nurturer of his two young chefs as they created delicious baked goodies for afternoon tea.  I think he was quite chuffed to be in the forefront for once and slotted into the role with ease.  I also have to hand it to him, the cookies he and the girls whipped up, were very tasty!

Filming our video was an adrenalin filled, exhausting day but one our family will never forget.  We can’t wait to share our video with you all very soon, right as we launch our new products!

Eve xx